Dr. BILL SAUNDERS  - AUTHOR - 'What Happened'
As a  past Professor of Psychology, I was confident that the book I had just written was not only well written but also correctly written.  So when I was introduced to Tracey as the editor of my book I was confident that she might find the odd glitch but nothing of note. Um, well that belief was quickly proven to be delusional as Tracey not only found a myriad of typing and grammatical errors but also found errors of fact, misquotes, wrong dates and missing words. You only realise how important an editor is when you send her a finally perfected chapter and it comes back with 59 corrections and it reads better. Thanks Tracey!'

DAVE ROGERS - AUTHOR 'Get 2020 Vision'
f you are looking for an editor, designer or collaborator for your writing project, dream book or updates on your creative initiatives, invite Tracey to explore ways to share technology, innovation and professionalism into the project. For a timely, heart-centric and a focused collaborative partner, Tracey delivers with delight and effortless ease.'


I have worked with Tracey on several projects and it's been a pleasure working with her. She has great writing skills, always delivers on time and takes her time to research a topic she is writing about. Highly recommended!

ALAN COX - Show & Tell Marketing / The Brainy Gecko

As a small business owner, the hardest part for me is writing about my business.  I'm just too close to my service and can't see the forest for the trees!  I met Tracey at a networking event and took her up on her offer to help me with the content for my website and other marketing material.

I sent her my thoughts in draft form and Tracey turned them into gold! Well, OK, not literally but she picked the eyes out of what I had given her, giving me copy that communicated my message far better than I ever had. As for my website content, I was able to send her the drafts and she fine-tuned the copy and, once again, the suggestions she made hit the target.

That was a few years ago and Tracey is still my go-to copywriter and website content advisor. She has become an invaluable and essential member of the team and a friend.

But it isn’t just website copy that Tracey helps me with. I send her all of my blog posts, flyers and marketing material for her input and feedback.

In addition to all of that, Tracey is helping me edit the content for a soon to be released Perceptive Listening Skills online training course.

If you get Tracey to help you with your copy and website then you won’t go wrong.

KAREN FALCIANI - Good Dog Concept Training

Tracey was great to work with. She responded quickly and answered all my questions. I will continue to use her for more help in the future. I was very happy and would recommend Tracey.

ANDREW GORDON - Willward Property
We both really appreciate the time Tracey took on this project and are very happy with it. We didn't really know what we wanted but working with Tracey has allowed it to evolve.


As a busy small business owner, there are so many things to do that it's hard to know what to focus on. The important thing is to focus on what will make you money and outsource the other stuff to someone who is really good at it. I have found writing a weekly article and posting it on my website is great for marketing and getting my website onto the first page of google. However, this is a time-consuming task. I still do my own blogging, however, I have used Tracey to write copy for me when I am pressed for time and edit work some programs I am working on. I couldn't recommend Tracey highly enough! She is easily able to quickly understand what type of content I need (this is vital for it being useful)  and I just love her style of writing.  If you need anything written I recommend you use Tracey, you won't be disappointed.