Week 4 of the Alphabet Positive Word Challenge - did you have a delicious or divine week?

Last week my letter 'D' word of the week was DESIRE!

I must admit this was a word that I found difficult to infuse into my conversations. I wonder why though? Perhaps it's because to me it feels a bit if i'm not really 'allowed' to desire anything.

I was brought up in a typical 'western' environment in a working class family in London. I think I was taught that life was meant to be hard. 'You get what you get' and you work bloody hard to get it. Day-dreaming about what we really wanted was 'just a waste of time' - hahaha - I definitely don't feel that way now.

Although I didn't use 'desire' in my conversations too much, I certainly did spend a significant amount of time working out what I do desire and a few strategies about how to get there!

Three things I learned this week:

  1. Doing the Positive Word challenge has infused some curiosity and fun into my life. I'm finding it really uplifting to be more aware of the words I am using and more importantly, of my thoughts.

  2. I am recognising where I might be holding on to old limiting beliefs. Using a word like 'Desire' brings up certain emotions that are surprising and it's so important to work through these emotions and bring a new awareness.

  3. I have a more clearer idea of what I really want for my life. I did sit quietly a few times and ask myself......"What do you really desire?" And the answers were in some cases a little surprising.

Well, I'm very deep into my 'E' word this week which I have chosen to be 'EXPERIMENT'

I hope your 'E' week is exciting and exotic and excellent !!

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