Did you have a positive C word last week? Were you Cheerful, Compassionate or Caring?

I decided to infuse the positive word 'Courage' into my week last week and yes, I did feel more courageous.

So we've completed Week 3 of the challenge and time is flying!

When I first started the Alphabet positive word challenge, I was actually quite daunted by the task of working through 26 weeks to infuse positive words into my life. I mean, really it is a whole half a year! But then again, I guess that's why it's called a challenge!

And now in my fourth week, I feel like it will become a habit that I carry on with when it's done. I think I'll be so focused on positive words by the end of it, that I will continue automatically searching for positive words. In fact, I am doing that already! I am constantly questioning myself to confirm that I am using positive words in my conversation.

Though I also think It's important to be realistic. We can't be positive every moment of every day. Things out of our control, will come along to trigger old emotions and sometimes we just might feel a little down. There are external factors, like our environment, as well as internal factors, like hormones, that can have an affect on our mood.

So what was courageous about my actions last week?

I did actually wake up every day and ask myself how I could infuse courage into my day. Just the awareness was enough for me to feel courageous, but a few specific actions? I did make a couple of business phone calls that I've been holding back on for a while. I did confront a friend with a difficult conversation that I'd been wanting to bring up. I went for a walk in the rain and went down a slippery hill not caring if I landed on my arse!

Ok ....maybe nothing to really shout from the rooftops, but I did feel differently.

Three things I learnt this week:

  1. Courage comes in many shapes and sizes. If it makes your heart beat a little faster, and your palms a little sweaty then you are in some way experiencing anxiety or fear, so work through that feeling and you are being courageous.

  2. Just doing the challenge is making a massive difference in my life. It's not just the word of the week, but all positive words. I'm far more aware of the words I am using in my everyday life, and recognise when I'm using negative ones.

  3. Having a little courage is actually quite easy. Shying away from doing things, or talking to certain people is a choice. You can choose to not do something based on what you 'expect' the outcome may be. But really you don't know what the outcome is until you push yourself past those sweaty palms.

A choice to get out of your comfort zone and be 'brave' is something we can all do.....with just a tiny little bit of courage.

Thank for reading this far - and I trust you have a delicious and delightful week this week. My D word is Desire .... so I wonder how that will infuse into my week.

Please join me or support me on my 26 week journey....I'd love your feedback and your thoughts.

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