Fun Fun Fun!

When I chose 'FUN' for my F word of the week, I knew it was going to be a good one!

To be honest, FUN is something I like to think is a big part of my life anyway, so after the roller-coaster week that was my 'E' week, I decided to keep it simple.

My F week included catching up with wonderful friends and included a weekend away down south, which involved lots and lots of laughing.

For me, fun and laughter go hand in hand so I was focused on getting as much laughter in my life as possible. I included laughter yoga in my fun week and that's something I'm enjoying bringing to my life on a more regular basis.

Three things I learned this week

1. Find humour in the little things. It's actually quite easy to bring humour and fun into your everyday life. It's all matter of attitude. If you look to find the fun in a conversation and laugh out loud when it's warranted, you will find you are laughing more and more, and that's a good thing right?

2. Not everyone will find the same conversations funny - and that's OK. I did recognise that I needed to be respectful of others' opinions but didn't let that affect my attitude to fun during the week.

3. If you actually 'look' for fun and ways to infuse fun and laughter into your life, it is easier to find!

I thank you for engaging with my 'Positive Word Challenge' and would love to hear if you are engaging with positive words into your life.

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And have a wonderful week!

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