Did anyone join me on the roller-coaster?

Well, week 5 of the 'Positive Word Alphabet Challenge' really did turn out to be a challenge!

As this little challenge experiment is unfolding, I have been thinking it may have been better to have a new word every 2 weeks. The weeks are flying past so fast and the words of the week are starting to jumble together. But I am experimenting with focusing on one word at a time!

When I chose the word 'Experiment' for my E word of the week I had no idea how it would impact my life.

I have been doing a reasonable amount of 'work' on myself lately, experimenting with different ideas and perspectives, and allowing myself to be open to new things.

This week was the start of the pre-launch of a book I am publishing with my good friend and Author, Dave Rogers, called 'Get 2020 Vision'. And of course, this would be the week when I decided to experiment with releasing a 'limiting belief'.

Talk about timing! At a time when I needed to be 'on top of things,' calm and confident,

I had what can only be described as a 'massive shift' and if I hadn't been fully aware of it, I could easily have spent the whole week in bed !! Still for a couple of days, I felt like a zombie, and really found it hard to respond to even some of the easiest situations.

Was this self-sabotage on a big scale, or was it perfect timing to work through what needed to be shifted?

Let's just say perfect timing hey!

Three things I learnt this week....

  1. Opening up to new things and experimenting is a fantastic way to learn something new or see something from a different perspective.

  2. Given the roller-coaster I was on, I found that it was OK to let people know when you're going through something that you might not understand. Yes, it brings in two other fantastic words, 'authentic' and 'vulnerable' but as this was something that I hadn't experienced for a while, it was a great experiment in observing how I responded (or didn't) to many situations.

  3. Experimenting can pop up in many different forms. Although it was a difficult week for me, I can recommend trying it. The 'experimental' part becomes clearer when you observe the outcome rather than assume that you 'know' how you will behave ......if that makes sense. :) :)

I would love to hear about your positive E words and how they affected your life this week so keep in touch and let me know.

And please pop over to the experimental launch of the book at

This week's blog has turned out a little bit more serious than previously, but I feel that it's warranted.

Next week, however, is the 'F' word and I chose FUN.

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