An attitude of Gratitude really can change your life!

How are you doing with the Positive Word Challenge?

A little recap.... a few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself to do Facebook 'lives'. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and being 'live' on video is definitely not something I am comfortable with. But I also needed a reason to be 'live'. So I started the Alphabet Positive Word Challenge - originally 26 weeks of infusing positive words into my life - and WOW! I really didn't realise what an impact it would have. Since I started, I've spent a week at a time focusing on words like Authentic, Bodacious, Courage, Experiment and Fun.

Check out my blog if you want to discover how the challenge has gone so far!

But it was my week of Gratitude that really changed my thoughts! I believe I am a person who brings Gratitude into my everyday life anyway, but actually focusing on being grateful, and thinking about it on a moment by moment basis was incredible.

The dictionary definition of gratitude is

'the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.'

My week of gratitude guided me to reassess this little project and I'm now allowing 2 weeks for each word - as I was beginning to feel really rushed in moving on weekly to the next word. Now I can take my time, and really live now, what was going to be a 26 week challenge will be more like an entire year! Hopefully by the end of it my Facebook 'lives' will have noticeably improved!!! haha! That was the initial intention anyway!

My first week of Gratitude started with a quick swim in the ocean on my birthday! I was away for a weekend 'down south' with a group of lovely ladies and the ocean and beach looked so beautiful, I couldn't leave without going for a swim - even though the outside temperature was probably only about 6 degrees and I didn't have my swimmers so had to go in my underwear! And I'm so grateful that I did! I fully immersed in the ocean and watched the sun rising .... it was amazing!

During my two weeks of Gratitude, I was also involved in a tree-planting event which was not only a fantastic activity to be involved with, but really was an adventure. Just to get into the national park where we were planting was an incredible 4wd ride, where we had to move fallen trees and traverse rocky hills and I was extremely grateful to be part of it.

As it was my birthday week too, I was thankful for the time spent with family and friends and was blessed to enjoy some quality time and activities with the people that mean the most to me.

Three things I learned about being Grateful

  1. To be thankful for the little things. Well I say 'little', but really, they are the most important. Be thankful for the air we breathe, the food on our tables, clean water and the shelter we have to keep us warm and dry. There so many people in the world that don't have the luxury of these basic necessities in the abundance that 'I' do, so I really do appreciate all that I have.

  2. Appreciate nature; the views, the freedom to walk in the hills, or swim at the beach. We are particularly lucky in Western Australia where I live, to have great weather (a lot of the time, even in winter) and enjoy the outdoors. Even when it's cold or wet, most of us can appreciate, blue sky and beautiful bush or water views.

  3. I noticed that when I was triggered by disappointment, or became irritable, a great way to deal with these emotions was to be 'grateful.' By being grateful I was more able to see the positive in the situation and ask myself what I was able to learn from the interaction or the feeling. I found myself saying 'Thank You' and laughing more when I noticed those feelings. I was laughing at my reaction and could look at situations from a different perspective.

Now that my two weeks of Gratitude is over, I do feel that I am carrying the awareness of Gratitude with me even though it's no longer my 'word of the week.' In fact, all of my 'positive' words since the beginning of this 'challenge' are now part of my life.

Thank you for following my Positive Word Challenge and please let me know your thoughts. I would love to know how positive words are making an impact in your life.

You can check out my weekly Facebook lives on and I would really appreciate your feedback. I am grateful for any of your suggestions on how I can do better to make my Facebook 'lives' more interesting. Is there a topic you would like me to discuss or should I add a meaning to the word each week?

I really would be grateful for your feedback!

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